What is the Vital Impact Assessment?

The Vital Impact Assessment was designed to help churches measure their impact with great specificity. Often, it can be hard for a church to measure their effectiveness since spiritual growth and community impact can be hard to quantify.

The Vital Impact Assessment fills this gap with advanced statistical modeling, combined with the insight of pastors to provide a proven way to identify reliable insights and trends in the church and in relationship with churches across North America.

The Vital Impact Assessment provides you with a proven way to understand the church’s impact with truly meaningful insights.


Identify key insights into the church's health with:

1. Actionable evidence

2.Detailed comparisons

3.Holistic assessments

4.Compelling visualizations

We conduct a detailed analysis of the data and highlight important differences between groups in the church (e.g., age groups, level of engagement). More information >



Vital Impact Assessment survey to measure your impact.

Promote & Start

Promote the launch date. Have church members complete online or via printable PDF.

Field the Survey

Ensure members take it. Then review the details and have a detailed baseline on where your church is at.

Receive Report

Your comprehensive report provides a benchmark of your church member responses alongside those of other congregations.


It helped us to establish clear and measurable goals

Michael Dean

The Vital Impact Survey not only gave us a great starting point, but it also helped us to establish clear and measurable goals. From year to year we can clearly see where we need to invest our resources as a congregation to encourage life changing growth.

Michael Dean, Pastor

A really good picture of where our people were

The Vital Impact Assessment gave us a really good picture of where our people were at in relation to their faith and relationship with the church. From the assessment we were able to strategically make some coarse corrections in our approach to ministry.

Duane Detweiler, Lead Pastor

New Insights For Us

The Vital Impact Assessment gave us new insight into our church life and ministry strengths as well as our needs.

Glen Kauffman, Lead Pastor