Vital Impact Assessment is a church survey tool provided through City Flourish, a Christian non-profit dedicated to helping churches and organizations have the data they need to make informed decisions.

The Vital Impact Survey has been taken by many churches across the United States.  In 2018, alone, over 40 churches nationwide took the survey to their leadership team understand the congregation and measure their impact.

City Flourish provides research and training for Christian community development including Vital Impact Assessment. City Flourish offers a range of services including impact evaluations, community mapping, consulting and education opportunities. We also design innovative and empirically sound research solutions for community development initiatives. City Flourish is an initiative of Evana Network and loves to help churches and faith-based organizations know their communities inside and out, measure impact, and collaborate with Jesus’s redemptive work in the world.

The survey itself was developed by a former Senior Pastor, Wes Furlong, who pastored a church in Florida with over 2500 regular attendees.  Wes is a PhD candidate at Temple University in statistics and brings together his love for the church, the mission of the church, and data, to create this tool that can give a validated way for churches to measure their impact.

The survey itself is proprietary.  A sample is made available online (View Survey) and a sample report is also available (View Sample Church Summary Report).  The survey follows data protocols to establish accuracy and objectivity for the report findings that helps churches view their impact in 7 key areas of church life.

City Flourish is associated with the Evana Church Network.  Evana Network is a movement of pastors and churches who want to see God’s kingdom come through the power of Jesus Christ. Our common ground is an evangelical Anabaptist theology, as articulated in the network covenant. The common vision is to see Jesus bring transformation to our local communities.

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