Community Mapping

Explore interactive maps of local areas, get detailed community profiles, and household demographics (age/gender/race/income) of selected neighborhoods.  Perfect research tools for exploring church planting and church outreach in a community or area.

How do local assets compare to pressing needs in your community?

Want to know more about community assets in areas like child welfare, health, education, housing, and economic development? Our Community Mapping offers the most up-to-date and local data on sector-specific assets and needs, consultation on best practices, and assistance with primary data collection, analysis, and visualization.

Community Mapping Overview Video:

Community Mapping Details:

Basic level ($300):

Detailed community assessment reports of selected census tracts that include:

  • Demographic and psychographic analysis.
  • Social vulnerability index.
  • Total number, percentage, and identification of top 10% areas for each of the following:
  • Population, housing units, persons below poverty, unemployed, per capita income, no high school diploma, 65 and older, 17 and younger, disabled, single parents, non-English speaking, structures with 10 or more housing units, mobile homes, crowded housing, no vehicle, institutionalized,
  • Child welfare report.
  • Compare local child welfare data to previous years, other counties, or state averages on:
  • Child poverty status, foster care, juvenile justice, child abuse and neglect, graduation data, access to Pre-K, TANF and SNAP population, births to young single mothers (<20), infant and child mortality, and other household, health, and education related metrics.

Intermediate level- recommended ($500):  

Interactive maps and detailed reports of community data including:

  • Demographic and psychographic analysis.
  • Social vulnerability index.
  • Child welfare report.
  • Interactive map of church members/attenders including local demographic data for microtargeting.
  • Church attendance patterns.
  • Population density and projected growth map.

Advanced Community Mapping: $1200

All of the above plus:

  • Suitability analysis (map areas and compare neighborhoods by selected values).
  • Targeted community needs and asset assessment.
  • Customized services.
  • Story maps.

Example Data Reports and Maps:

Click to view interactive map

Story map of child poverty:

Interactive web app:

Social vulnerability index:

Child density and median income:

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