Vital Impact FAQ’s

Vital Impact is a resource by the non-profit City Flourish designed to help churches measure their impact. Via a survey of church attenders it measures 7 areas of church life to outline a score and details, as well as giving a church feedback compared to other churches. Done once a year, it gives a church great insights into how their ministry is functioning.
You can purchase the survey online with a credit card here: Order Now Once purchased, you will receive an email with detailed instructions for launching and interpreting the survey. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 717.382.6220 or email: info@cityflourish.com.
Costs are dependent on your average weekly church attendance. See pricing chart below. (NOTE: It is best to do a multi-year survey so you can measure results over time. Save 10% by signing up for a 3 year term)
Church Size:     Price
Less than 100 $400
100-200 $650
201-400 $900
401-750 $1,200
751-1,600 $1,600
1,000-2,000 $2,000
2,000+ $2,500
Surveys will be available within 2 business days of purchase with detailed instructions on how to launch. Once the survey is open, you will receive a link to the digital survey, html code, and a .pdf version. The survey can be filled out on a computer, tablet, mobile phone, or on paper. You will receive a detailed summary report and interactive dashboard within three weeks of the survey’s completion. Here is an infographic that provides an overview of the survey process.
Churches that elect to include a paper version will receive separate instructions for distributing, collecting, and entering the results from each printed version. It is the responsibility of the church to input results from paper versions of the survey into a excel type file we can import.
Yes!  You will receive detailed instructions on how to maximize the survey including three guides, “Why Measure Impact,” “Understand Your Impact,” and “Measuring Life Change in Churches.” You can also schedule a video conference with your leadership team to review your specific results.
The survey is able to be conducted without any assistance. Each church has the option in the order process to add-on a additional video-conference support with a consultant who can review the survey results with your team and answer questions.
We recommend churches conduct an annual survey and implement at least a 3 year plan. Beginning in year 2, you will receive a time-series analysis in addition to the survey results, which identifies patterns and trends in comparison with previous years.  This is where the value really lies!
We recommend churches conduct the survey over a 2-3 week period to be intentional about getting the survey completed within that timeframe.  After submissions are closed, we will notify you with your response rate after week two. The ideal response rate is at least 70% of adults based on average weekend attendance. If response rates are far below this threshold, we can keep the survey open for another week or two.
Yes, the demographic data is automatically grouped according to the Census Bureau’s classifications and individual demographic information is never shared. In smaller churches where even grouped demographic data has the potential to reveal a respondent’s identity, it is important to remind the church that the survey is voluntary and any (or all) the questions can be skipped. We provide such a disclaimer before the demographic section on all versions of the survey.
Yes, the survey is also available in Spanish. You can select Spanish on the pre-survey questionnaire.
Yes, you can add up to 4 open-ended questions to the survey. You can select this option during the order process. We will then email you a form to add your questions. Please allow an additional week for customized surveys to be available online.
It is a proprietary survey, so viewing a complete survey is not possible. However, you can view a short sample that includes actual questions here: View Survey, and also you can review a sample report that will provide an overview of the question categories. View Sample Church Summary Report > View Sample Church Executive Summary Report >